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“I’m very pleased that I discovered IQoro.”

Gary suffered from a hiatal hernia, with symptoms like indigestion, heartburn and reflux for ten years. The medication he took (PPI) was to be reviewed but never was. When he started training with IQoro he finally found a solution.

Gary’s doctor said, “In the great scheme of things, that’s not too bad”. They were looking at the photographs of his endoscopy where the doctor was explaining that a 2 cm hiatal hernia was not too terrible. The problem was that for Gary, the symptoms were.

I suffered with heartburn and reflux for ten years.

– I suffered with indigestion, heartburn and reflux disease for ten years and treated it with Over the Counter (OTC) antacids and tablets. But now things got worse.

Medication wasn’t the answer

Gary had been a teacher of Physical Education and Sports Sciences on England’s north west coast for 38 years and was not new to seeing a ruptured muscle. It was clear that chewing tablets could lessen the discomfort of heartburn and reflux. But they weren’t ever going to repair a muscle tear. His symptoms became more severe, more frequent, more painful and longer lasting.

Some foods triggered the problem more than others: dry meat, rice, chips were amongst the offenders. In 2016 he visited his doctor again – the problem could no longer be ignored. Proton Pump Inhibitor (PPI) medication was finally prescribed: 80 mg Omeprazole two times per day to treat his acid reflux symptoms.

The medication and dosage were never reviewed, despite what the clause said.

– I couldn’t help noticing that the prescription always contained a clause that said that the medication and dosage were to be reviewed by a certain date. But that they never were!

Looked at the science together

He duly phoned his local surgery at 08:00 each Monday that his medication was running out and got an appointment for the week after to get more prescribed. He didn’t like to take valuable GP time for such an unskilled meeting with no in-depth discussion.

When he himself researched the long-term risks of PPI medication he knew it was time to stop. His wife was Googling too, and it was she that first came across IQoro – a neuromuscular training device for hiatal hernia.

We looked at the science, the customer stories and the description of what was causing the symptoms.

Together they researched the available information on the website carefully. In addition, they looked at the science, the customer stories and the description of what actually caused the symptoms, and how they could only be addressed fully by restoring the weakened diaphragm muscle. Nearly convinced after that, he called the company, by phone in early 2018. After having a few more questions answered, he finally bought one.

Kept strictly to his training

– My first reactions were cynical, even negative. In addition, I thought it expensive too. But I couldn’t fault the quality of what I learned from the company’s website.

With his professional sports background, it is no surprise that he kept strictly to the training discipline of 30 seconds, three times per day.

A massive improvement!

– A massive improvement! I rarely experience any discomfort now and, if I do, it is nowhere near as severe as it was before. I would say that IQoro has been very successful for me to date. Now I have reduced my daily regime to maintenance training only – maybe only every other day. And I have reduced my PPI intake greatly too.

I’m trying to convince the doctors about the effect of IQoro

Gary is also trying to convince the doctors about the positive effect of IQoro, just to be able to try to give others the opportunity to hear about the product.

– The doctors I have seen, are, for the most part, unaware of IQoro training. A couple of them have shown interest and I have directed them towards the website. I promote the product, whenever the opportunity presents itself. I have no hesitation in highly recommending this product and treatment to other potential users.

I highly recommend this product and treatment.

5.0 star rating

“I thought the device was very expensive, I couldn’t get it on prescription, but I would buy it again now that I know it works as well as it does.”

Darren E, verified customer.

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