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“I woke up during the night with panic attacks and high blood pressure”

Jo Burnett often woke up having panic attacks. She had high blood pressure and a feeling of a lump in her throat made it difficult to eat. The symptoms were due to a hiatal hernia affecting her swallowing muscles. But by using IQoro, she quickly improved.

“Within a few weeks, the lump in my throat disappeared and I was able to eat and sleep again. After that, things only got better!”

Training with IQoro allowed Jo Burnett to sleep better and she regained her interest in eating out.

IQoro has changed my life!

“I used to feel sick on a daily basis and would avoid restaurants, but now I hardly eat at home. IQoro has changed my life.”

Jo had been suffering from her condition for two years. It had all started with the feeling of a lump in the throat, and then the symptoms had got worse and worse.

High blood pressure and panic attacks caused sleep problems

Problems with burping and stomach gas caused her to wake up having panic attacks. Her blood pressure skyrocketed and the problems with sleep made her feel tired all the time.

During the day, Jo suffered from mental fatigue and all food just went straight through her. The problems with eating caused her to lose weight.

“Everything I ate created problems”

She saw the doctor’s several times and took lots of blood tests, but the tests did not provide any answers.

“Maybe I’m allergic to something”, I thought, and kept a diary of my food intake. But eventually I got to a point where virtually everything I ate caused problems.”

The cause was a hiatal hernia

“At its worst, every day became a struggle. I didn’t sleep, I didn’t eat, I looked really unwell.”

Through work, Jo eventually saw a gastrointestinal specialist who diagnosed her with a sliding hiatal hernia.

“He explained that it was the hernia that was causing my problems.”

Found IQoro by chance

IQoro with its training app.

“My parents had been on a long trip abroad when I picked them up from the airport. My mum looked at me and asked “You’re not well, are you?”.

“My mum started reading up on hiatal hernias and found IQoro. But when I asked my doctors, they could not prescribe it. IQoro wasn’t on their list of prescription products.

“Instead, they wanted to prescribe antacid medication like Oncrazol and Lansoprazole, but I didn’t want more medicines because they don’t solve the cause of the problem.”

“In the end I had to order one myself”

“In the end, I had to order an IQoro myself and get it delivered. It was the best decision I have ever made.

You train with it and you get better. Allowing you to live life like you used to before getting sick.”

She can now eat what she wants

“I was done for when previously drinking coffee, eating dairy products, or tomatoes. I couldn’t have anything the least bit sour. Today, that is no longer a problem.”

“Today, one year on, I train in the morning and then in the evening. As long as I do that, I feel good nine times out of ten.”

“It acts as a remedy, unlike antacid medication.” “It has no side effects and is simply a very easy-to-use product that helps.”

5.0 star rating

“After nearly 50 years of acid reflux I have found something that reduces symptoms without medication or side effects. Improvements started after about 10 weeks and now I can eat most things without problems.”

John B, verified customer.

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