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Moniq was able to sleep better after three months of treatment for reflux

Moniq would wake up with heartburn several times a night, usually ending with a trip to the bathroom. But after three months of using IQoro, she was able to sleep better again. Two years of problems with sleeping were finally over.

The difference is incredible. I can sleep all night through without waking up once from heartburn.

But two years later, Moniq Lundholm has regained her sleep. And she can recommend IQoro for better sleep.

“The difference is incredible. I can sleep all night through without waking up once from heartburn.”

Regular training has allowed better sleep

Training with IQoro using the IQoro app as support
IQoro with associated training app.

Just like when you train other muscles, IQoro requires regular use, every day. And Moniq carefully followed the instructions.

“I read what to do carefully. Then it was just a matter of keeping doing it. It took about three months for me to get better.”

Heartburn and sleep problems – how are they related?

Heartburn is caused by something called a hiatal hernia. This means that the upper part of the stomach slides up into the chest cavity.

The lower oesophageal sphincter cannot stay closed, and the contents of the stomach leak up into the throat and mouth. This usually happens during the night or after a meal.

Sleep problems are common

Many people with a hiatal hernia have problems sleeping. This may be due to heartburn, or other symptoms caused by a hiatal hernia.

Examples include stomach gas, chest pain behind the ribs or the feeling of a lump in the throat. Usually, more than one symptom is experienced at the same time.

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Had to jump out of the car to vomit

Before Moniq got help, she experienced a lot of problems – even during the day. Dinners with friends were particularly troublesome.

“One particular memory comes to mind. We had been to a friend’s house for dinner and another couple drove us home. This was before IQoro.”

And they could see from their window that I’m out there vomiting. It looked as if I had a problem with the food.

“We didn’t get far before I had to jump out of the car to bring up the entire dinner. And they could see from their window that I’m out there vomiting. It looked as if I had a problem with the food.”

“Later they tell me that they saw me vomiting.”

“I said it was a stomach bug. I didn’t want to tell them what it was, because then they would tell me I should seek medical help.”

Choirmaster had started using IQoro

Moniq first saw adverts for IQoro on Facebook, but it wasn’t until she heard her choirmaster was using it that she decided to try it herself.

“Someone in the choir said to me, “Did you hear that Micke has bought an IQoro, like you were talking about earlier?”

“Has he?”, I replied. “Yes, and so has his wife.”

It was then I decided to send off for one.

“No”, I said. “Really?” “And what does he think about it?”

“I mean, they’re doing really well.”

“It was then I decided to send off for one.”

Did you know that…

More than 50% of people with a hiatal hernia also experience sleep problems. We can see this in our own customer surveys.

“How is this going to help me?”

“How is this going to help me”, was my very first thought when I held it, “what have I bought for my money?”

“But it has been my saviour. I can’t do without it.”

“We usually go away in our caravan, and the first thing I think of taking is my IQoro.” Otherwise, it is a disaster.

5.0 star rating

“I had been suffering from increasingly bad acid reflux. Just two weeks after starting using the iQoro I was already noticing the difference. I’m now almost 4 months in and almost never have reflux now.”

Colin B, verified customer.

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