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A few months with IQoro got Julie off the PPIs

One night about ten years ago her acid reflux suddenly started, always reappearing at bedtime! PPIs and lifestyle changes didn't help. But after a little more than 3 months of treatment with IQoro Julie Lane is once again sound asleep at night.

– It took from the end of September to Christmas to start noticing that it was working. And really by the time January started it just stopped, just like that. There was no halfway house, it just stopped, says Julie Lane.

The reflux started during a stressful period

She had a particularly stressful period when the acid problems began. Very suddenly from one day to another the stomach acid started to flow up during sleep, keeping her awake.

– I had severe reflux at night. I would be in so much pain, sitting up all night long, not getting much sleep.

Get to know your acid reflux

Do you have similar symptoms as Julie? Have a read on our page about acid reflux to understand the inner workings of these symptoms.

PPIs and lifestyle changes didn’t work

– As you do, I tried everything. Nothing worked. I had a couple of endoscopies but they didn’t find anything. The doctors put me on PPIs and they helped a little, but I never liked the PPIs. They have so many side effects.

Pills do not always help
Acid stopping medication like PPIs are often prescribed for acid reflux.

PPIs are often prescribed for acid reflux

When Julie contacted the health centre they had a limited array of solutions to her reflux. A common treatment for acid reflux is proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) which basically lessens the amount of stomach acid being produced.

Long term PPI treatment comes with risks

Generally PPIs are seen as a safe treatment in the short term. Many of the serious side effects are mainly seen as risky during longtime use.

But since PPIs don’t remove the root cause of reflux, people are often left with only one option: to continue eating PPIs for the rest of their life.

The PPIs still weren’t curing the reflux

This is why PPIs often become a long term treatment. And that’s where the serious side effects can become a risk.

– The PPIs still weren’t curing the reflux. I went on quite restrictive diets, but nothing really helped. It was sheer frustration. The reflux was having a big effect on my health because I wasn’t sleeping.

She hesitated about getting IQoro

– IQoro is something that comes up when you’re searching for acid reflux online. It just popped up every now and then. First you look at it and you think “Hm, you just don’t know with online stuff”.

IQoro vid product box and casing
IQoro with product box.

– So I thought “Well there might be something but I’m really not prepared to spend that amount of money without more proof”. I ignored it for a couple of years, probably.

– But eventually I thought “Well, I got nothing to lose really, apart from 150 pounds worth”. It was the best 150 pounds ever spent so I´m not complaining now.”

The acid reflux is now zero

After a little more than 3 months with IQoro, Julie became completely free from her acid reflux. And since it disappeared she hasn’t had a single problem with reflux.

– It has been very, very successful. I mean, I’m assuming that’s what caused it. I have no proof. But you know, it’s too big a coincidence. I’m sure it must be.

5.0 star rating

“I’ve been using IQoro for approximately 6 months. My acid reflux has completely disappeared, my breathing and sleeping have improved.”

Mark N, verified customer.

“I’m very pleased that I discovered IQoro.”

Gary suffered from a hiatal hernia, with symptoms like indigestion, heartburn and reflux for ten years. The medication he took (PPI) was to be reviewed but never was. When he started training with IQoro he finally found a solution.

I highly recommend this product and treatment. Read Gary´s story

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