Roger stopped using his snoring screen after a month

Roger Sundström had tried most things to help his snoring before he began training with IQoro. Thanks to this new treatment method, effective against both swallowing problems and snoring, Roger at last solved the problem of his nightly noise.

Social snoring, that is to say when a person is disturbed by somebody else’s snoring, is considerably more common than people think; and can result in a couple not being able to share the same bedroom. And so it is in Roger’s home.

– I haven’t wanted to disturb Vanja, my partner’s, nightly sleep, says Roger Sundström who works by day as a consultant in employee- and leadership development.

Roger Sundström has snored for many years, and has even been through sleep examination for his difficulties. The job as a consultant, continually meeting new people, has taught him to be flexible and open-minded.

– I’m completely open, and after having tried a snoring guard and a lot of useless preparations from the pharmacy, I was ready to test IQoro.

His daughter, a speech therapist, gave her professional opinion

Before he attended a lecture on the new treatment method, Roger had already heard about Mary Hägg’s research and thought it sounded both serious and interesting. After a lecture that described the research and how the training works in practice, Roger had an even stronger belief in the product.

– But I checked first with my daughter Martina who is a speech therapist and very knowledgeable in this area and she, too, thought I should test it.

In the beginning Roger combined using his snoring screen along with his new IQoro training.

When I began to notice the results of IQoro after just a month, I stopped using the device because it chafed and was painful.

Roger’s partner also noticed that his snores had become less in number and in intensity. For Roger, it is the neuromuscular training device IQoro that has made the difference.

– I sleep more continuously and I am markedly more rested in the morning. The training is simple and gives quick results. I can absolutely recommend IQoro, says Roger Sundström.