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Ulla treated both reflux, snoring and dysphagia

After a somewhat tortuous journey filled with diverse sickness problems, Ulla is enjoying her regained quality of life. The neuromuscular training device IQoro lies behind much of this improvement.

As well as being born with a problem with her urinary tracts which has made life somewhat complicated, Ulla from Sweden also has a Hiatus hernia. The hernia brought with it a chronic sensation of a lump in the throat and swallowing difficulties. This led to her having food stuck in her throat innumerable times. To complete the picture Ulla snored violently, at least if we believe her husband.

– Because I am a loud snorer it has not always been easy for him to sleep at my side, says Ulla.

It didn’t help sleeping with a ball on her back

Ulla says that her daughter, who is a general practitioner, at first suggested that she have a rucksack with a ball in it when she went to bed. This would prevent Ulla from sleeping on her back

– But my husband said that that would hardly help. I snored just as much on my side as I did on my back!

Started training secretly

To be honest, it felt ridiculous to believe that an ostensibly so-simple plastic device as this should have such great effect both on my Hiatal hernia and my snoring.

Since a little more than a year ago, Ulla’s constant sensation of a lump in the throat and swallowing difficulties have gone. The snoring has reduced remarkably.

The secret is a neuromuscular training device IQoro that she has trained with diligently according to the prescribed exercise regime.

This has been something of a secret! Only my husband has known that I train with it.

– In fact, this has been something of a secret! Only my husband has known that I train with it.

As with many others, it was an advertisement that roused Ulla´s interest.

Always open to new ideas

– I am always open to new ideas and I thought that if I could at least get some help in my struggles, it would be worth a lot.  Something like this could hardly worsen my problems, so I ordered one right away.

Ulla began to notice a result.

Just about immediately Ulla began to notice a result.

It didn’t take many weeks before the lump feeling in the throat reduced. As did the swallowing difficulties – soon to disappear completely.

The snoring and sleep apnoea improved as well.

Suspensions of breathing that frightened her husband disappeared

– According to my husband, I snore only minimally nowadays, and the suspensions of breathing that frightened him are gone.

To succeed in curing two problems after so many years is of immeasurable value for Ulla.

– I still have problems with my urinary tracts, but after a number of operations, I also see a brighter future on that front.

I feel happier!

Together this all means that she can now feel rested, manage to train and is markedly happier.

– Before I was not able to bend down after a meal without my food coming up again. Now I can potter around the garden after any meal, says Ulla. And adds with pride, that as a bonus she has even got rid of the double chin that she had before!

5.0 star rating

“Wonderful gizmo. Simple yet effective. My wife relishes the extra sleep she now gets due to the reduction of my snoring!”

Richard J, verified customer.

Roger stopped using his oral snoring device

Roger had tried most things to help his snoring before he began training with IQoro. Thanks to this new treatment method, effective against both swallowing problems and snoring, Roger at last solved the problem of his nightly noise.

The training is simple. I can absolutely recommend IQoro. Read Roger’s story

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