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Rolf’s daytime tiredness and headache disappeared

"Despite the fact that I saw what success IQoro had with my wife Berith’s swallowing difficulties, I was sceptical. Typical of us men to be so critical! We want clinical evidence to support everything, perhaps the fact that I’m a lawyer doesn’t help."

“Anyway, my snoring developed into a problem that affected the whole family. Berith became more and more angry that I woke her, causing her to lie awake and to listen to my telling silences – suspension of breathing.

Her fear that I would die was not unfounded.

Sometimes my wife thought I was going to die, and I know that there is an increased risk for cardiovascular diseases – like stroke –  with sleep apnoea, so her fears were not totally ungrounded.

Bought an IQoro after threats of separate bedrooms

After years of snoring and sleep apnoea, with daytime tiredness and repeat headaches – and the threat from my wife of separate bedrooms – I bought my own IQoro. Before this, I had tried a range of anti-snoring preparations which were more or less ineffective.

The thorough research was decisive for my purchasing.

What was decisive for my purchasing decision, was the thorough research behind the innovation that I found on the company’s website.

After just a few weeks’ training I noticed the results. Today I snore very seldom and the night-time breathing suspension problem is gone. And so is the nagging headache and constant daytime tiredness.

We train together

My wife and I have made this a little shared thing of our own which we call our ‘mini-gym’. If one of us forgets, then we’re good at reminding each other. Perhaps it sounds like a cliché, but we have regained our quality of life and now feel really good.

I hope our story can help others in the same situation.

If we can help others in the same situation with our story, we want to do so. The treatment method is so simple and effective, and gives good results. But it is no miracle: everything depends on your being diligent in your exercising.

In general, people are loath to talk about ‘reverse meat grinders’ and problems with snoring and sleep apnoea, as if they were taboo. But the problem is widespread, and many are suffering unnecessarily. There is help to be had.”

Rolf Sjöberg, Stockholm, Sweden

5.0 star rating

“After about 2 months my husband informed me that my snoring had been reduced, which was great for me and our marriage. I continued to use the device 3 times per day and my snoring has all but gone away after 6 months of use. In fact this week I was told that I am sleeping very peacefully. I would definitely recommend the IQoro to anyone who is experiencing a similar problem.”

Joan D, verified customer.

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