Angela got rid of her heartburn after three months of training

Angela had suffered from heartburn for many years and there was a number of things that could trigger it. Even water could cause heartburn in the end. Three months of training made her a different person. And a great ambassador.

What had started as an annoying problem for Angela in 2012 had got slowly worse. She noticed that the number of things that would trigger her heartburn had increased. In the end even water could cause heartburn.

Her doctor suspected silent reflux and in October of that year a hiatal hernia was confirmed by endoscopy. Other complications made her condition complex to treat and surgical intervention techniques were ruled out. Which didn’t disappoint her anyway.

The only treatment I could get was high-dosage medications and they didn’t help…

–I can’t tell you what agony I was in, I used to double up with cramp sometimes. The only treatment I could get was high dosage medications – which have their own side-effects – and they certainly didn’t help much anyway. I didn’t really want surgery either if it could be avoided, says Angela from her home in the East End of London.

One visit to the local café led to three days in bed

Her condition continued to get worse. Copious burping and post-nasal drip joined her reflux as unwelcome symptoms. Here at IQoro we often talk to people who suffer declining health for a long time and then one event makes them want to stop suffering and find a solution. In her case it was a visit to a local café that was the catalyst.

I am pretty certain what caused it.

It was the beginning of 2019 and whilst ordering a meal for her friend and herself, they specified that it was to be fried in olive oil – not in animal fats. Angela spent three days in bed after the café visit and is pretty certain what caused it!

Searched for treatments

–Every cloud has a silver lining”, she reasons stoically. “I decided that I didn’t want to live my life at risk of this happening every time I ate ‘wrong’. I set about researching if treatments were available that perhaps my doctor was not yet aware of.

Facebook help groups for people suffering from her condition recommended the neuromuscular training device IQoro as a new treatment. She was quite cynical about IQoro as a possible solution.

–My reaction was: Too expensive and too unlikely. Mostly too expensive!

And her family agreed and her son laughed at the suggestion that IQoro could help her.

The research on IQoro was convincing

But, in the end, it was family that drew her back to looking at it again. Their research on her behalf kept coming back to there being something exciting here. She looked again at the fact that NICE had recently advised IQoro to the NHS, and was even more convinced by the personal stories of others. That’s why she wants her story written up now too.

I was completely better after three months.

–I bought an IQoro and trained during March, April and May this year and tell people that I was completely better at the end of that three-month period. But that’s not the whole truth. Looking back from early summer, I realise that I had stopped watching my diet much, much earlier than after three months.

 A great ambassador

She tells us that yesterday evening she ate lasagne and garlic bread, which was unthinkable a few months ago. Angela can now eat freely from a whole long list of foods which she had avoided before. This is proof of her recovery and that the problem is muscular in both the cause and treatment required. Diet alone cannot repair a muscle rupture.

Look for me on Facebook. I never stop telling people with similar problems about my story!

–I am completely symptom-free, I eat what I want, I don’t even sleep with extra pillows. Last year I ate Christmas lunch with my family dreading how it would affect me afterwards, but this year it will be like a new pleasure! I am a different person compared with this time last year. Look for me on Facebook – I never stop telling people with similar problems about my story!