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Bernt got rid of severe sleep apnoea and reflux

Bernt had severe sleep apnoea, which was discovered by his wife. However, it was reflux that kept him awake at night. He treated both problems effectively using IQoro.

“I knew I snored but also had severe sleep apnoea without noticing any symptoms myself,” says Bernt.

He was not tired during the day and never had problems with concentration while driving. Bernt explains that he simply didn’t have any of the symptoms of sleep apnoea that are otherwise common.

Woke up with reflux at night

“I did wake up a lot at night, but not from my pauses in breathing, but from my reflux problems.“Even though I took acid-suppressing tablets for many years, they didn’t work at all at night,” he explains.

Acid-suppressing medication did not work at night

“Then I suffered from acid reflux and I woke up with an irritated throat and a strong taste in my mouth. I had to get up and spit, and it took about 30 minutes before I could go back to bed again.”

He emphasises that it was not related to his pauses in breathing. However, there were symptoms of a diagnosed hiatal hernia.

Sought treatment for sleep apnoea

Although a hiatal hernia is a seemingly unrelated problem, it is connected because, like sleep apnoea, it can be caused by the weakening of muscles involved in the swallowing process.

“It was my wife who noticed the pauses in my breathing in my sleep and told me. I took the information seriously and went to the medical centre, which then referred me to an ear, nose and throat specialist in Kungsbacka.”

Diagnosed with severe sleep apnoea

After that, Bernt was able to get help fairly quickly. To measure breathing pauses and oxygenation, a sleep record was made. He had a high so-called AHI value of 50. The threshold for severe sleep apnoea is AHI 30.

That’s why Bernt was given a CPAP, a face mask to be worn during sleep that opens up the airways and helps the patient to oxygenate.

Did not get on with the CPAP

“Unfortunately, I didn’t really get on with the CPAP, but I tried to use it as often as I could. When I had a cold or was travelling, it was too much of a hassle. I just got lazy, even though I knew how important it was to me,” Bernt admits.

“I had not had my CPAP for very long, when my wife saw an advert for IQoro in a weekly magazine. Since then, I have trained 3 times a day for a year with my IQoro, while continuing to use the CPAP at night.”

“My wife noticed that the breathing pauses had stopped”

After training with IQoro for a year, it was again his wife who noticed his breathing during the night. But now she noted that there were no pauses in his breathing.

“So I called the sleep clinic back and told them that I had trained with IQoro and got a new sleep registration in June after a year of training.

The training had produced great results

When they called back from the hospital, it was to say that the training had produced great results. Bernt’s AHI had dropped from 50 to 15, meaning that his severe sleep apnoea was now only classified as mild.

It is worth starting training with IQoro

“They said I couldn’t expect better results at my age, it was an acceptable level. The nurse said I could return the CPAP, which felt great. Now it’s just a matter of continuing maintenance training with IQoro to maintain the good results!”

Just as I was helped by reading others’ stories when I made the decision to start training with IQoro, I hope to help others with my story.

“In addition to helping with my sleep apnoea, the nighttime acid reflux has also disappeared after training. It’s great not to have to get up at night, Bernt explains.”

It was by reading other people’s stories that he realised that IQoro could help him and realised that it was worth starting to train.

“That’s why I wanted to share my story with you and explain how well it went!

5.0 star rating

“I used it to help with sleep apnoea, which was causing heart palpitations, and after six months use, it seems to have really helped. I rarely get either now. Simple to use, easy to use, it’s now part of my daily routine.”


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