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Magnus reduced his laryngospasm and respiratory arrest by using IQoro

Magnus Karlsson had long suffered from laryngospasm - cramps in his vocal cords that made it temporarily difficult for him to speak and breathe. He originally bought IQoro to treat acid regurgitation, but it turned out that his breathing problems also improved.

“Everything stops working. I can’t breathe in or out and it can happen at any time, whether I am awake or asleep.”

White wine and champagne caused problems

The respiratory arrests from the spasms were troublesome even though they did not occur very often. However, he had noticed that he got acid regurgitation and an upset stomach when drinking white wine or champagne.

“Not being able to drink champagne or white wine is of course a luxury problem, but it’s still nice to be able to have a glass without feeling bad.”

What is laryngospasm?

Laryngospasm is a condition that causes spasms of the vocal cords. The cramps cause the vocal cords to temporarily contract and block the airways, partially or completely. This can make it difficult to speak and breathe.

Laryngospasm cause

The condition is most often caused by reflux, but can also be due to a number of other causes. Laryngospasm is usually harmless but can be very uncomfortable.

Laryngospasm treatment

Laryngospasm caused by reflux is best treated with IQoro. As the reflux decreases and disappears, so does laryngospasm.

Source: Bai Y, Jing XR, Xia Y, et al. Paroxysmal Laryngospasm: A Rare Condition That Respiratory Physicians Must Distinguish from Other Diseases with a Chief Complaint of Dyspnea. Can Respir J. 2020;2020:2451703. Published 2020.

He did not train regularly and did not see any results

Magnus got IQoro to relieve his acid regurgitation, but his training sessions were few and far between, and so he did not see any results.

“But two years ago I started training regularly. And I am pleased to say that I no longer have problems with acid regurgitation when drinking white wine or champagne.“

But the effect that I most appreciate is that my problems with respiratory arrest have been significantly reduced.

Contact your doctor if you suffer from laryngospasm

If you have symptoms that suggest laryngospasm, you should seek medical advice because the symptoms may recur. The spasms usually last up to 60 seconds and usually pose no danger. If the spasms last longer than 1 to 2 minutes, or if you lose consciousness, it must be treated as an emergency and you or a family member should seek emergency medical attention.

Regular training sessions over a longer period of time produced results

“What was crucial for me was using IQoro regularly for a few months to achieve results.“

“Based on my experience, I have recommended trying IQoro to several friends with similar problems.”

5.0 star rating

“I had been suffering from increasingly bad acid reflux. Just two weeks after starting using the IQoro I was already noticing the difference. I’m now almost 4 months in and almost never have reflux now.”

Colin B, verified customer.

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