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My partner thought I was a hypochondriac

Magnus has always been a bii of a hypochondriac, so when food started to get stuck in his throat, his thoughts turned to cancer. He hardly thought that the solution would be a little plastic training device.

It was in the beginning of 2013 that real estate agent Magnus began to find it difficult to swallow food. The worst was red meat, ruccola salad, and Parma ham.

– I thought that rocket salad and Parma ham would be the death of me, says Magnus.

My social life became severely cramped.

His social life became severely cramped. Magnus feared all occasions where food was involved.  Living became a stressful circle and even life at home was not without complications.

She thought I was a hypochondriac, as usual.

– My partner got annoyed when I googled my sypmtoms and ended up looking at pages about cancer. She thought I was a hypochondriac, as usual.

Her advice – in the beginning a little unsympathetic – was ‘talk less and chew more. But then the situation escalated.

The help was closer than I thought

One day Magnus came home from work ravenous as usual after having hardly eaten anything during the day. After dinner with his brother and mother, came the turning point.

–  My mother insisted that I must get help.

And help was closer than Magnus had thought.  His relative, Mary Hägg, doctor of medicine and dentist specialising in orofacial medicine at Hudiksvall hospital, had a solution.

–   She discovered that I had a hiatal hernia and that I needed to train my inner musculature with a neuromuscular training device called IQoro.

Open about his swallowing difficulties to help others

The training showed results after just a few weeks.

–   I’m not saying I was a star student, even if I did train according to the instructions in the beginning.

For that reason, Magnus’ swallowing problems are not completely gone yet.

–   But they are so much better. Nowadays I simply perform maintenance training when I feel the symptoms.

There is help at hand.

He has been open about his swallowing difficulties, which has caused those around him to say that they can identify with the symptoms, or have a relative that is affected.

–   But there is help at hand, says Magnus, who nowadays enjoys both rocket salad and Parma ham again.

5.0 star rating

“I have only been using IQoro for 7 weeks. I like the feel of my diaphram, and throat muscles pulling when in use. I feel my throat is opening up, and I have already lost the lump feeling in my throat, and swallowing food has now become normal. Also I am not having to clear my throat of phlegm.”

Eileen C, verified customer.

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