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Petter with an acquired brain damage improved with IQoro

Petter suffered serious injuries after a car accident and had difficulty eating and talking afterwards. Through training with IQoro, he has started recovering.

Our son Petter Falk was involved in a serious car accident in 1997 and suffered a severe brain injury. He was then 21 years old. After the accident, Petter had difficulty closing his mouth, eating and talking. Through the years we have tried various forms of physical therapy and massage. Several exercises have been successful, but only as long as they lasted. They have not given any lasting changes.

We acquired IQoro in June 2014 and Petter says himself that he has not experienced any improvements, but we who are around him have noted the changes. We can see that his face has become more symmetrical, that he made progress in his speech and that meal times are easier. As the accident occurred so many years ago, we believe it will take a long time to get lasting results. But we are hopeful, especially if Petter continues with the exercises.”

Anders Falk, Father of Petter Falk 39 years old, Uppsala, acquired brain damage.