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Åke was able to cure snoring with IQoro

Åke Sonerud, Sweden had snored for many years before he at last cured the problem. After a lecture at his Rotary Club about the neuromuscular training device IQoro's positive effects on several conditions, including snoring, Åke Sonerud went and bought one. Nothing that he regrets today!

Åke Sonerud and his wife Annette have been together for several decades. There have been three children… or perhaps we should say four.

The fourth is Åke Sonerud ’s innovation, a mechanical invention that lies behind the success of his company Oil Quick in Hudiksvall.  Nowadays he has eased off a bit and handed over a great deal of the responsibility to his children Henrik and Linnea. Just in order to enjoy life as a pensioner together with his wife Annette.

The problem got worse

In the beginning snoring was no great problem for the Soneruds.

– No, it wasn’t too bad. Back in those days one didn’t talk much openly about such problems, says Annette, who patiently had woken her husband every time he disturbed her night’s sleep.

Of course they’d heard of couples that had separate bedrooms because of such problems, but laughed at this and said that it was nothing that could ever happen to them.

When Åke’s snoring intensified over the years his wife had started to have had enough.

– When you have to wake several times per night and push your partner, well, in the end it gets to be too much.

Even Åke began to feel the consequences of his many years of snoring.

– I never really got into a deep sleep phase, which meant that I became very tired during the day. I could easily fall asleep in front of the TV early in the evening.

“We want to be able to go to sleep and wake up together”

Åke Sonerud had read about the neuromuscular training device IQoro earlier. With an innovator’s spirit running in his blood, he thought that it sounded interesting.

– And the product is from my hometown so it’s even more cool”, he adds.

After a lecture at his Rotary club on IQoro’s effect on both swallowing difficulties and snoring Åke Sonerud ordered a device and started the treatment.

What a difference, almost unreal! After just a couple of months the snoring reduced both in strength and in frequency, says Annette.

To start with, Åke trained diligently three times per day according to the prescribed regime. After a few months reduced to twice per day.

The quality of life for the Soneruds has been substantially improved. Åke feels significantly more rested and his daytime tiredness is gone. And more than that, his wife Annette now sleeps undisturbed.

– I have got back my night time peace. Wonderful that we didn’t need to go as far as separate bedrooms. We want to fall asleep and wake up together as we have always done, says Annette as she looks at her ex-snorer.

5.0 star rating

“My wife tells me it works!”

Phil S, verified customer.

Roger stopped using his oral snoring device

Roger had tried most things to help his snoring before he began training with IQoro. Thanks to this new treatment method, effective against both swallowing problems and snoring, Roger at last solved the problem of his nightly noise.

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