IQoro achieves prescription status in the UK

From May 2022 IQoro is listed as a device that a GP can prescribe in the UK. The GP’s will do this where they judge that IQoro is a suitable treatment for their patient’s condition.

After years of work from our end, the NHS have finally approved IQoro as a device that can be used to treat acid reflux symtoms and dysphagia in the United Kingdom. This means patients can now get IQoro on prescription from their GP’s.

It may be that your doctor will bring up IQoro as an alternative during your next visit, or it may be that they are not yet aware of the possibility of this new, innovative IQoro treatment.

If you want to bring IQoro to your GP’s attention, then this might best be done by taking one of these documents with you. The two versions differ slightly depending on whether your symptoms are mostly centred on acid reflux, or mostly on swallowing difficulties.

If you are under the care of a Speech and Language Therapist, due to swallowing difficulties or other conditions, they may refer you to your doctor with a recommendation that an IQoro is prescribed.