MYoroface recruits and announces expansion in the European market – in the midst of the crisis

Despite the fact that 2020 has been a year of crises and a shaky world economy, MYoroface is doing better than ever. During this year, the Swedish MedTech company has increased its sales by 50%. The workforce has doubled and an expansion in the European market is just around the corner.

MYoroface is a Swedish research-driven MedTech company. The company is behind the patented neuromuscular training device IQoro, which treats the root cause of reflux, snoring and eating and swallowing difficulties. In 2020, despite the world crises MYoroface has increased its sales by 50% and more than doubled its workforce.

– This year has been filled with positive events for MYoroface. Our plan for 2021 is to expand our business and reach new European markets. To be able to do that we must also strengthen our workforce. Partly to be able to handle the new markets, but above all to make it possible for our new customers to get the support they need, says Ylvali Gerling, CEO and co-founder of MYoroface.

Growth in e-commerce shopping is positive for MYoroface

MYoroface is an e-commerce company that invests heavily in spreading both knowledge and products digitally. During 2020 e-commerce has increased significantly and the trend does not seem to be slowing down. New customer groups who have not previously shopped online have also entered the digital landscape.
– In order to reach our goals, we have expanded with six new positions at the same time as the core of the business – the important customer support – were given a welcome addition in the form of three new employees, says Linn Hägg, co-founder and sales and marketing director.
– Our growth has been intense. With our expansion in Europe, we expect to reach new heights in 2021, concludes Ylvali Gerling.