Duration of treatment

The time it takes to get results through training with IQoro is affected of the causes to your problems.

Muscular weakening

Conditions caused by a muscular weakening, e.g. Hiatus hernia, snoring, or sleep apnoea.

These problems are all caused by weakened musculature, the treatment time therefore depends on how long the condition has existed, and how severe the symptoms are.

The basic recommendation is to train according to the instruction manual for 3 to 6 months, in some cases longer. After this, maintenance training will be required because muscles deteriorate with inactivity, much as in your arms and legs. How quickly this occurs can vary.

When you have achieved your desired results, either continue or reduce your number of training sessions to a level that suits you –  you must test it and see.

Neurological damage

Conditions caused by neurological damage e.g. stroke, which has caused dysphagia, or paralysis in the throat or face.

Train for 5 to 13 weeks for permanent results, some continued maintenance training may be necessary after this period.