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Duration of treatment – IQoro

The time it takes to get results through training with IQoro will depend on the cause of your problems.

Treatment of muscular weakening

The recommended duration of treatment of muscular weakening is 6 months.

When you feel symptom-free, it is important to do maintenance training to maintain the effect, but you can reduce the number of training sessions per week.

This recommendation is mainly for people suffering from snoring, sleep apnoea or hiatal hernia symptoms like reflux, heartburn, a feeling of a lump in the throat, pain in the chest or a persistent dry cough.

All these symptoms are caused by weakened muscles. The treatment time therefore depends on for how long the problems have occurred and how severe the symptoms are for each individual person.

Many notices a difference within a few weeks

Many people notice a difference and a change in the body after a couple of weeks or a month into training. But depending on how long you have had your problems, it might take longer to build up the weakened muscles in the diaphragm. Just like if you took a longer break from running or visiting the gym.

Close to 50 percent get better after one to two months

Our latest customer survey with over 3,700 responding customers shows that almost 50 percent of our customers have improved after 1-2 months of treatment. After five months of treatment, 75 percent of customers had improved their symptoms thanks to IQoro.

You get better regardless of how long you have had problems

But no matter how long you have experienced problems, it is never too late to start exercising with IQoro. Do not despair if you have had problems with reflux for many many years.

97 % improves in the scientific studies

Research on treating reflux wit IQoro shows that 97 percent improved after 6-8 months of training with IQoro and 58-61 percent became completely symptom free and were able to stop taking antacid medication, despite long-term problems with reflux for one to several years.

The treatment works regardless of your body weight

Research also shows that treatment results are just as good whether you are normal weight, overweight or suffering from obesity. IQoro can therefore be offered to everyone regardless of age or weight. In addition, IQoro brings life to the body’s natural system to strengthen the weakened muscles and is therefore completely safe to start using.

Do maintenance training when you have become better

When you have achieved the desired result – keep or reduce the number of workouts to a level that suits you.

Neurological damage

Conditions caused by neurological damage, for example stroke, which has caused dysphagia, or paralysis in the throat or face.

Train for 5 to 13 weeks for permanent results, some continued maintenance training may be necessary after this period.