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Berith´s chronic cough developed into a reflux problem

Every day, Berith had to rush to the toilet as the food ran out of her throat. The doctor diagnosed her with hiatal hernia, but said there was no treatment.

“To start with, Rolf (Berith’s husband, read his story here) and I used to sneak around and not let our friends and relatives see our IQoros, but when our exercising produced results, we began to tell others about it. I took mine with me one day to my job as a pre-school teacher, and Rolf took his to his lawyers’ practice. Today IQoro is a part of our lives together, and everybody knows that we exercise before mealtimes.

Persistent cough and reflux

For me, the problem began when my chronic cough, sometimes dry and sometimes phlegmy, developed into a reflux problem. In the end, it was like living with a meat grinder in reverse gear in my diaphragm.

Just about every day my food decided to come up again and I just had to rush to the toilet and stand there with open mouth whilst it all ran out again. Terrible!

Everyday life in the workplace became problematic

My family got used to this being a part of my everyday. In front of the children in my pre-school where I work, I learned how to smuggle my regurgitated food away in a pile of kitchen tissue.

But one day at lunch it came to a dead stop. I was frightened, and overcome with feelings of panic and angst, and thought that I would never eat and drink normally again. I had reached rock bottom.

The doctor that I visited said that I was suffering from hiatal hernia. But there was nothing for it, but to start with antacid medicines.

However, I’d already read several articles about something called IQoro, a neuromuscular training device claimed to help with persistent cough, swallowing difficulties, heartburn and reflux. I had nothing to lose but my money, so I ordered one. Without a doubt, that was the turning point.

After a few weeks I could feel a real difference.

After a few weeks’ consistent exercise, three times per day before mealtimes, I could feel a real difference. The daily nightmare of standing over the toilet, faded from my life.

Today, I can’t even remember when that last happened.”

Berith Sjöberg, Pre-school teacher, Stockholm