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A tiny piece of plastic literally saved my relationship!

Beverly was a serial snorer on the hunt for a snoring solution. When finding IQoro, the marital peace was restored without surgery or medications.

Beverley D’Silva, a UK-based journalist, was a serial snorer. At one time, the snoring got so bad, her husband resorted to recording her slumbering snores to prove how loud it could get.

Confronted with the audio evidence, she began searching for something that could cut it down, or even help her stop snoring. In her research for non-invasive snoring solutions, she stumbled across IQoro.

The snoring lessened after only two weeks

After just two weeks of treatment, 90 seconds per day, the snoring lessened, Beverley says. After three or four weeks the loud snoring that had once kept her husband awake was practically gone, and he was able to enjoy a good night’s sleep again. The marital peace was finally restored.

The marital peace was restored.

However, she found that after some months, when she let the exercises lapse, the snoring came back. “I returned to the treatment and was cured again. Nowadays I do maintenance training at regular intervals to maintain the result over time”, she says.

“I do maintenance training to maintain the result over time”

A lifelong health routine

“I’m so grateful there’s a solution to my problems with snoring, and one that doesn’t rely on drugs or surgery. “

“I often tell my friends about IQoro”

“I often tell my friends and people I meet about IQoro – especially when they’re looking for a solution to acid reflux and gassiness. I’m sure IQoro will be a part of my health routine for the rest of my life.”

5.0 star rating

“Thought I had payed too much for a piece of plastic . Then I realised the work that must have gone in to bring it market. At first nothing was different but I stayed with it. Glad I did for weeks later my partner noted I was not snoring as lould. Now I very really snore.”

Stuart H, verified customer.

Doctor Eje: “I finally got rid of my snoring”

Eje Åhlander, a doctor, has snored for many years, with night-time breathing interruption (sleep apnoea) at times, too. The solution for him was IQoro, a neuromuscular training device and regime.

My wife was badly affected by my snoring even though I wasn’t. That didn’t feel good. Read Eje’s story

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