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Petri strengthened his diaphragm and breathing by using IQoro – relieving his anxiety

Petri Huovinen bought IQoro to strengthen his diaphragm. He wanted to improve his diaphragmatic breathing - a type of deep breathing that reduces anxiety and stress. His breathing improved but he also had other unexpected results.

Petri Huovinen has been using IQoro for five months, but he noticed early on that his diaphragm – a muscle just below his lungs – responded well to the training.

His background in martial arts and yoga had taught him the importance of the diaphragm for breathing.

Quickly noticed that something was happening with his diaphragm

“I had no great expectations for IQoro, but from day one I felt something happening with my diaphragm. I experienced training pains.

But just like with regular strength training, it takes time. You don’t build muscle in three weeks. After three months, I felt the first improvements.

After three months, I felt the first improvements.

What is a diaphragm?

The diaphragm is a thin muscle between the lungs and the stomach. The muscle is used when you inhale, but it also prevents stomach acid from leaking up into your throat. A weak diaphragm can therefore affect your breathing, but it can also cause problems such as heartburn.

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Strengthening the diaphragm and improving breathing for anxiety

In yoga, breathing is used to calm the body. Petri wanted to use deep breathing to counteract anxiety, but this can be challenging if the diaphragm is weak. 

“I have a stronger diaphragm, which has improved my breathing, and improved breathing makes me feel better. I have had some problems with anxiety. But breathing correctly helps reduce it.”

Improved breathing makes me feel better.

What is diaphragmatic breathing and deep breathing?

Diaphragmatic, yoga breathing or deep breathing is a type of breathing that reduces anxiety and stress. Deep breathing has several health benefits: it lowers your blood pressure and slows your heart rate, reducing stress hormones in your body.

Tried other methods for strengthening the diaphragm

Before using IQoro, Petri had tried other methods to strengthen the diaphragm, but found them cumbersome and not very effective.

“For example, you can put a lot of weight on your diaphragm and breathe, but it’s hard to add weights and you look like an idiot in the gym. You do it once and give up.

Several other symptoms were relieved at the same time

After three months of training, Petri began to notice changes. As well as improving his breathing, other long-standing symptoms disappeared.

“I used to gag when I brushed my teeth, but no longer do. I used to almost throw up, and it made me reluctant to brush my teeth.”

“And now I can swallow tablets without any problem. I’ve had problems swallowing tablets all my life…”

Invest in health or pay with illness.

However, despite the fact that the symptoms caused problems in everyday life, Petri never thought to seek help.

“It had never crossed my mind. Before I found IQoro, I didn’t think anything could be done about it.” 

“But if something can be done about it, just put in the time, because here’s the stinger: invest in health or pay with illness.”

5.0 star rating

“Very pleased with this. Now almost symptom free after 6 months.”

Margaret S, verified customer.

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