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Are you tired of relying on PPIs (Proton Pump Inhibitors) for relief? Or concerned about the long-term effects of your use?
Learn how to become symptom-free without the negative side effects associated with acid suppressing medication.

Join our webinar with PPI expert Debbie Grayson to uncover:

  • The risks of long-term PPI use – and how to avoid them
  • How to cease PPIs without rebound effect
  • How to avoid taking PPIs for the rest of your life

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The truth about PPIs

Science has shown that long-term use of PPIs containing for example Omeprazol, Esomeprazol or Lansoprazol come with negative side effects such as cancer, heart attack, pneumonia, dementia or osteoporosis.

And yet, it is difficult for people to stop using these medicines as symptoms seem to get worse when trying to quit.

In this webinar, you will learn why PPIs are not recommended for long-term use and why so many people experience worsened symptoms when they try to come off them.

You will learn how to effectively cease PPI medication so you can live symptom- and medication free.

About Debbie

Debbie Grayson has years of experience supporting hundreds of patients to safely come off acid- suppressing medication such as reflux and heartburn medication or PPIs.

She is a Registered Pharmacist and Nutritional Therapist in the UK and an expert on PPIs and their use and cessation.

In this webinar she explains how they work, the key challenges in ceasing them, and strategies for successful weaning and cessation.

Webinar Details

🕚 Tuesday, July 23rd, 6 pm (BST) / 7 pm (GMT+2)

🎤 Linn Hägg, Medically responsible and IQoro expert, Angie Carter, Co-host and Debbie Grayson, Registered Pharmacist, Nutritional Therapist and PPI expert

🇬🇧 In English

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