International Reflux Day inaugurated on 9th November

More than 20% of the world’s population suffer from reflux and endure symptoms like heartburn, acid reflux and thick phlegm. In many cases so severely that it is difficult to eat normally – or even to lie down and sleep. To draw attention to this global problem MYoroface AB, manufacturer of IQoro, has instituted International Reflux Day on the 9th November.

Reflux is caused by Hiatus hernia
What is acid reflux? Reflux occurs when stomach acids come up into the esophagus and cause symptoms like heartburn, acid reflux, thick phlegm and a persistent dry cough.

– Reflux is a common problem that more than 20% of people suffer from. The problem is caused by weakened diaphragm muscles – a so-called hiatal hernia, says Linn Hägg, co-founder of MYoroface.

International Reflux Day – a MYoroface initiative
– In our daily work we have contact with thousands of patients who have suffered with gastric reflux, many for decades. Their everyday life is severely affected and help from medical professionals is often limited to a renewed prescription for medicines which at best reduce the symptoms. Some people are not believed by their doctors when an internal examination fails to confirm a Hiatal hernia. Some are turned away with the advice that their problem is more imagined than real. By launching International Reflux Day we hope that more people will be encouraged to talk about their problem and that they get better access to information on what they can do about it. If we can have a day to celebrate pancakes, we ought to have a day for those that can’t enjoy eating them too, says Linn.