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Terms and conditions of purchase valid for purchases up to June 14th 2020

1. General conditions

MYoroface AB (co. regn. no. 556902-6791) offers orofacial products for sale via the Internet and telephone to private individuals (hereafter called “you”) and healthcare professionals and companies (see “Purchase conditions, healthcare professionals and companies” where special conditions apply) in Sweden and in Great Britain. If you wish to order from us from another EU or EES country, or elsewhere in the world, please contact us. To purchase from us you must be 18 years old or over.

All products are delivered with a user manual in Swedish and English.

Healthcare professionals and companies should refer to:

 Purchase conditions, healthcare professionals and companies 1.1 General conditions

2. Ordering

Purchases may be made via our website or via our customer service telephone line 07518 511 620 (UK), or +44 (0)7518 511 620 (international).

If you have questions before or whilst placing your order you’re welcome to contact customer service or send an email to By placing an order with us you accept our purchase conditions and agree that your name, and company registration number if relevant, may be stored in our customer register.

The purchase contract is first valid when we have confirmed your purchase order by sending an order confirmation to the email address that you have given us.

If the purchase is transacted via the telephone, we will confirm your order verbally, and the contract is then valid. We will then send a purchase confirmation with a link to our full terms and conditions to your email address.

If you do not give us an email address, a copy of the contract will be sent in the post, along with the delivery note, invoice, our full terms and conditions, and the product.

2.1 Prices

Prices are quoted in Swedish kronor and pounds sterling, both including 25% VAT. Postage and packing is additional, and depends on the weight and size of the package sent. The total price is shown on the web shop checkout. The price, product specification and delivery time that was confirmed in the order confirmation shall apply.

The company shall not be responsible for possible temporary out-of-stock conditions, technical problems or typographical errors on its website or in its advertisements. The company reserves the right to change any information regarding the products without pre-warning. In the event of a possible out-of-stock condition, or if a product has been discontinued, the company has the right to cancel the purchase order and repay any monies that may have been paid in advance.

Healthcare professionals and companies, should refer to:

Purchase conditions, healthcare professionals and companies 2.1.1 Prices

2.2 Seven months’ warranty

The product is personal, that is to say it is for use by only one individual, and it is to be used and cared for as instructed.

All products have a warranty of seven months. This means that in the case of a fault in the product which occurs during the warranty period the company will replace the product with a new device of the same type or, if such a device is not available, a similar one of the same value. Keep your receipts and the user manual in a safe place, these will show the batch number and the size of the device, these will be treated as your proof of purchase.

In addition to your rights under this warranty you have three years to return the product if there was an existing fault at the time of delivery. This right is not affected by the fact that the warranty period is shorter.

See paragraph 7. “Complaints”

Healthcare professionals and companies should refer to:

Purchase conditions, healthcare professionals and companies 2.2.1 Warranty 7 months

2.3 Personal information

By placing an order with the company, you approve that we store and use your personal information to fulfil this contract, and to be able to provide the service that you can expect from us. The information that you give us is used for order handling, invoicing, payment, delivery to you, for following up of training and marketing with the goal that our service to you shall work as well as possible. We guarantee that no information will be divulged to a third party.

We reserve the right to cancel orders that contain incorrect personal information, or where the prospective purchaser is not deemed creditworthy.

2.4 Payment

Klarna Checkout

When you purchase from us as a private individual via our web shop, we use Klarna Checkout which makes it simple, flexible and secure for you to purchase over the web. This enables you to pay simply: on invoice, by credit card, or by direct bank transfer. After making checks on you and a risk assessment, Klarna Checkout will show those payment alternatives which are open to you. No matter which of the payment alternatives you choose, Klarna Checkout will handle the payment transaction, whilst the actual purchase and delivery of the product will be handled by MYoroface. For this reason, questions related to the product or services should be directed to MYoroface.

The payment alternatives currently available from Klarna Checkout are invoice, credit card payment, or by direct bank transfer. The default payment alternative is an invoice.

Read more here about Klarna Checkout’s payment alternatives and conditions.

2.4.1 Payment is by invoice – 15 days payment, no surcharge.

When purchasing by telephone, or for customers who are healthcare professionals or companies.

In those cases where you pay on invoice, the invoice will be sent to you at the same time as your goods. The payment terms are 15 days from the day that your product is dispatched. Please quote your invoice number when paying.

MYoroface AB reserves the right to make a credit check as deemed necessary before offering this payment alternative and credit period. As a customer, you commit to pay within the period stipulated for the agreed payment method. Delayed payments will result in a supplementary cost for reminders at the statutory rate, and will attract interest at the prevailing bank rate plus a penalty of 2% per month. In the event that payment is not made after a reminder, the debts may be pursued by a collection agency.

2.4.2 Your rights to cancel the order, return the product and be refunded

All refunds to private individual customers will be made via Klarna. Your money will be returned via the same channel as you chose to pay for the product. If you paid by invoice, then Klarna will contact you for details of the bank account to which you wish the refund to be paid.

Healthcare professionals and companies should refer to:

Purchase conditions, healthcare professionals and companies, Paragraph 5. Rights to return.  Point 7 ‘Complaints’

3. Freight and delivery

Delivery within Sweden usually takes between one and six working days from order. In the rest of Europe or EES  3 to 10 working days depending on the stock situation is usual, the product is dispatched as soon as the order has been received, or has been paid for. If you live in a country other than Sweden or Great Britain then pre-payment via invoice is the only alternative, and we will ship the product as soon as your payment is received.

Orders received on an ordinary working day before midday, are normally dispatched the same day, orders received after midday are normally shipped on the next working day.

If, for any reason, we cannot keep to the stated delivery times we will contact you immediately by telephone or email according to the details you have given us, and agree with you a new delivery time. You will have the right to cancel your order in the case of such a delivery delay.

Contact customer service if you wish to cancel your order.

Healthcare professionals and companies should refer to:

 Purchase conditions, healthcare professionals and companies, ‘Freight and delivery’

3.1 Delivery times

The company delivers in Sweden and Great Britain, by post or by package, via Postnord, DB Schenker or DHL, depending upon the weight and the number of products in the consignment. In the checkout of our web shop you will see your delivery cost, based on size and weight.

Deliveries to Sweden – SEK 30 or 45 incl. VAT.
Trackable deliveries to Great Britain, EU, or EES: SEK 62,5 -98,2, or £6 – £9.45 incl. VAT.

You must collect your package from the local establishment where it has been delivered. You will need to show identification. For this reason, it may mean that the person who collects the package must be the one to whom it was addressed. In the event that someone other than the addressee collects the package, local rules might require that both persons’ identification is shown.

When your package has arrived, and is ready to be collected you will receive an advice by post. You can speed up the process by giving a mobile telephone number or an email address where you can be notified, but in this event, it will only be the addressee that can collect the package.

Freight costs will be based on the size and weight of the order. 

Note:  we do not normally deliver to post box addresses, if you choose this option there will be a surcharge of between SEK 50 to 75, or the equivalent in the currency in which you are billed.

Healthcare professionals and companies should refer to:

 Purchase conditions, healthcare professionals and companies, ‘Delivery times’

3.2 Goods damaged in transit

If you discover that the delivery needs to be reported to us as damaged, you should do this within a reasonable time (two months is seen as a reasonable time to discover damage or a defect). Contact customer service. Remember to retain the package, address label and contents for inspection if needed.

5. Your right to change your mind and return goods

As a private individual, you always have a 14-day period in which to change your mind according to the law governing distance sales contracts, and contracts made outside of business premises. The 14-day period starts from the day that you receive the product.

For reasons of hygiene, and because this is a medical technical product, it is a precondition of your right to return the product, that the product carton is still sealed and unbroken (tape and the perforated flap) and that the product is returned in unused, unchanged condition.

To exercise your right to change your mind, please contact MYoroface at or customer service +44 (0)7518 511 620.

We will require the following information from you:

a) customer number (you will find this in your order confirmation, on the delivery note, and on the invoice)
b) your name and contact details
c) the name and quantity of the products that you wish to return.
d) in the case that you have made your order by telephone and you have been invoiced by MYoroface AB, then we will need your bank account details, including clearing number and account number.

The cost of return shall be borne by the customer. The customer is responsible for the goods until they have been received by the company. The goods must be shipped in suitable protective packaging. The full costs of the postage must be paid by the customer.

Repayments shall be made by Klarna as soon as we have received the goods, or seen proof that the goods have been sent to us in unbroken packaging. Repayments shall take place within 14 days through the same payment method that you chose in Klarna Checkout.  If you chose to pay on invoice, Klarna will contact you to get the correct repayment destination details. If you ordered your product via telephone and were invoiced directly by MYoroface the repayment will automatically be made to the bank account number that you gave us, and within 14 days.

The address to send your return packet to is:

MYoroface AB
Sjötullsgatan 16
824 50 Hudiksvall

6. Uncollected packages

Any packages not collected within the time allowed shall incur a charge of GBP39.00 to cover the costs associated with the package being returned to us. Try to collect your packet as soon as possible when you receive a packet notification, 14 days is a normal collection period, but you should check your advice carefully.

Note that if, as a private person, you wish to change your mind about the purchase, you must first collect the package and then follow the instructions under para 5 “Change your mind and return”.

7. Complaints

 If you have received an incorrect delivery, or a have a defect in the product, we would ask you to report this to us within a reasonable time (two months is seen as a reasonable time to discover damage or a defect). Describe the defects and the reason for your complaint as clearly as you can, and give your customer number an and the product’s batch (LOT) number, which can be found on the user manual or on the outer carton. Note that you must be able to show a valid receipt for your purchase.

During the first six months after the purchase, the burden of proof lies with the company that the defect was not present from the beginning. After six months, you will have to prove that it was not an original fault. If the defect has occurred within the seven months’ warranty period, we will replace the product with an identical device or a product of equal value.

After the expiry of the warranty period the relevant consumer laws will apply where you have up to 3 years to request replacement because of an original fault in the product. In the event of a dispute in Sweden you can, as a private individual, report your case to allmänna reklamationsnämnden (ARN), visit If you are a private individual in the rest of Europa or the EES you can report your case to ODR (Online Dispute Resolution).

7.1 Approved complaint – returned defective products

In the case of an approved complaint, and compensation in the form of a new or similar products, we will send you a return label with postage paid, together with your new product, and without extra freight costs. Kindly re-use the envelope in which the new product was delivered. Affix the return address label to send back the defective or broken product.

The return address is:

MYoroface AB
Sjötullsgatan 16
824 50 Hudiksvall

8. Product ownership

All products that you order from MYoroface AB remain the property of the company until full payment is received.

9. Force Majeur

Events outside of the control of MYoroface, which could not reasonably have been foreseen, shall be treated as force majeure, which will mean that the company is released from its obligation to fulfil the contract.

10. Contact us

Customer service


Telephone (UK): +44 (0)7518 511 620

Telephone (Intl.): +46 (0)650-40 22 37

Opening hours

UK: Monday to Friday from 08:00 – 17:00

Other: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday from 10:00 – 15:00 (CET)

MYoroface AB
Sjötullsgatan 16
824 50 Hudiksvall
Sweden 556902-6791
VAT: SE556902679101