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Results Guarantee – terms and conditions

In the scientific studies, at least 97 percent improved while training with IQoro. In addition to this, there is clinical experience and customer surveys confirming the efficacy of treatment with IQoro. To allow you, as our customer, to feel confident that IQoro has the proven effect that we claim, we give you a 6-month results guarantee.

The terms in brief

  • The results guarantee applies to all IQoro purchases by individual customers after 2021-06-23, you need to do nothing to have this right.
  • You can invoke the results guarantee after you have trained for 6 months according to the instructions in the manual if your symptoms have not improved.
  • You can invoke the results guarantee after 6 months, but not more than 9 months, after your purchase.
  • You must contact customer support before you return your device.
  • You will need to complete a short questionnaire before your refund is approved.
  • You will need to send your IQoro back to us after your return is approved for your refund to be made.
  • The price that you paid for the product will be refunded.
  • You must pay for the postage costs of the return.
  • Valid only on one purchase per customer.

Read our FAQ about the results guarantee here.

This applies for IQoro with results guarantee

Our results guarantee means that you can claim a refund if your symptoms have not improved after 6 months’ active training according to the instructions in the manual, and you choose to return your IQoro.

In scientific studies IQoro has been used for a total of 90 seconds per day for a period of 6 – 8 months, and this is the training regime that we recommend for you. At least 97% of participants in the studies improved their condition and more than half achieved relief from all symptoms. A complete symptom-free result may require a longer training period.

The results guarantee applies automatically to all IQoro devices ordered after 2021-06-23.

How you should train to achieve results

The results guarantee is built on the results seen in the scientific studies.  When you purchase an IQoro it will arrive with a manual that describes how to train and how often you should train. These recommendations match those given to participants in the scientific studies.

To achieve the same results as you see in the studies you must therefore train according to the manual – totally 90 seconds per day, spread across three sessions. Training is simple, but requires a daily routine.

Look at the videos on how to train with IQoro at our website, and contact our customer support if you have questions or you’re not seeing positive results. The support is free-of-charge and available from when you order, so don’t wait for 6 months before you contact us.

If you train as recommended but don’t get any improvement, you can claim a refund under the results guarantee as described here.

How to claim your results guarantee refund

The results guarantee can be invoked at the earliest after 6 months of active training with IQoro, counted from the order date of your IQoro.

To receive a refund under the guarantee, your IQoro must be sent to us and received no later than 9 months, but no earlier than 6 months, after the order date. This means you have 3 months to claim the refund. Remember that you are responsible for paying the return shipping yourself.

If you choose to exercise your right of return and refund, you must first contact our Customer Service team at

Returning the IQoro without contacting us first will result in additional customs fees that will have to be deducted from your refund.

When contacting us, you will be sent a questionnaire that we will ask you to complete before your return is approved. Our aim is that every customer will achieve the best possible personal result and so your answers are important to us in constantly improving our service.

When your return has been approved and we have received your IQoro, we will refund the price that you originally paid. Payment will be made as soon as possible, but within 14 days at maximum. Your refund will be made through the same payment medium that you originally chose to pay us with.

Remember that you will be responsible for the postage costs associated with the return.

The results guarantee can only be used for one purchase per customer.

If you originally purchased your IQoro at a discount

The sum that you will be refunded is the amount that you originally paid for your IQoro device after any discounts: including VAT, but excluding freight. If you bought more than one IQoro at the same time and a discount was applied, then the discount will be applied totally to the device that is returned when calculating your refund.

For example: your original order was for 2 x IQoro (£145.00 ea. at list price) and you paid a discounted price that reduced the total price by £70.00. If you claim a refund for one IQoro under this results guarantee offer you will be repaid £75.00 (£145.00 – £70.00).*

Or, if you choose to return both devices, you will be refunded £220.00 (2 x £145.00 – £70.00).**

The results guarantee offer applies only to IQoro devices, not other items in our webshop.

* ** Please note that these are just examples of how refunds work. The amount you receive back is based on the price you paid for your products.

Your rights to return or change your mind about a purchase

Note that this results guarantee offer does not affect your other statutory rights to return under consumer purchasing protection laws; which you can read more about on the order page of our website. The results guarantee is in addition to any other existing rights and protection that you may have under our standard terms and conditions.