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Reduce your snoring – with a results guarantee

A simple exercise routine during daytime means that the airways open up when you sleep, which leads to reduced snoring. Get your money back if it doesn’t help.

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  • It seems to be working well: my wife has come back from the spare room.

    Customer review by Håkan S – verified customer
  • I have recommended IQoro to many of my friends and family. Those who have used it in the intended way have all seen their symptoms improve.

    Customer review by Nina J – verified customer
  • Top product in its simplicity. My snoring and sleep apnoea have all but gone. Highly recommended

    Customer review by Thomas N – verified customer
  • I have snored a lot and always found it difficult to sleep with someone else. Now my loved ones say they barely hear me snore anymore. For which I’m delighted!

    Customer review by AnneMarie L – verified customer

How to use IQoro

Place IQoro inside your lips, but in front of your teeth.

Pull straight out for 3×10 seconds with three seconds rest between.

The video shows how easy it is to complete a training session with IQoro.

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Ask us about snoring

If you have questions about snoring and IQoro, you are always welcome to call or chat.

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