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Hiatal hernia

Magnus reduced his laryngospasm and respiratory arrest by using IQoro

Magnus Karlsson had long suffered from laryngospasm - cramps in his vocal cords that made it temporarily difficult for him to speak and breathe. He originally bought IQoro to treat acid regurgitation, but it turned out that his breathing problems also improved.
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“I woke up during the night with panic attacks and high blood pressure”

Jo Burnett often woke up having panic attacks. She had high blood pressure and a feeling of a lump in her throat made it difficult to eat. The symptoms were due to a hiatal hernia affecting her swallowing muscles. But by using IQoro, she quickly improved.
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Jane’s lifelong struggle with acid reflux ended in weeks

Jane had an irritating cough and gunge in the back of her mouth. It interfered when she was speaking and singing, but after several weeks of using IQoro her symptoms are more or less gone.
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A few months with IQoro got Julie off the PPIs

One night about ten years ago her acid reflux suddenly started, always reappearing at bedtime! PPIs and lifestyle changes didn't help. But after a little more than 3 months of treatment with IQoro Julie Lane is once again sound asleep at night.
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How can exercising inside the mouth treat a hiatus hernia?

How can the diaphragm actually get stronger by holding IQoro with your lips for 30 seconds? In this article, we explain how IQoro stimulates the body’s own nervous system and thus treats your problems.  A common question among our prospective customers is “how can exercising inside the mouth treat a hiatus hernia”?  The answer to that […]

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Pia stopped being short of breath

For many years, Pia had difficulty climbing stairs. Her hiatus hernia left her short of breath and produced acid reflux. But after nine months of training with IQoro, she got rid of her severe shortness of breath and now copes with stairs without any problems.
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Anders from ‘The Real Group’ stopped taking reflux medication

For almost 40 years, singer, composer and arranger Anders Edenroth has toured the world with the award-winning singing group ‘The Real Group’. Despite great musical success, for many years he has actually had problems with his own instrument – his voice.
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