Mother and daughter about the swallowing difficulties

Swallowing difficulties affect the whole family. Here you get the same story from two different perspectives.

“Our daughter suffered unnecessarily”

“Looking back I realise that Klara had had swallowing difficulties for a very long time. She often complained of a having a lump in her throat as if something were stuck there.

In the beginning, I didn’t think much about it, just reasoned that she needed a longer time to eat her meals than others.

When the problem didn’t go away as she grew up, rather it got worse, it was obvious that something was wrong. Klara began to feel worse and worse, was constipated and started to have a pain on one side under her ribcage.

Klara finally got a diagnosis

In 2012, after countless trips to the healthcare system she was diagnosed as gluten intolerant: ‘celiaki’. That was a relief! At last we had an enemy to fight. But the reality was something else.

Despite the fact that Klara kept to a gluten free diet, the problems continued. It was enormously frustrating.

The doctors had no response, just a poor diagnosis that meant nothing at all. When the problem began to affect her great passion, skiing, it was tough for us to stand by and watch her suffer.

Because I work with Medtech and have been a researcher myself I’m used to looking for information. Often I have been sleepless and searched the net for facts.

Because I work with Medtech and have been a researcher myself I’m used to looking for information. Often I have been sleepless and searched the net for facts. I knew that something was wrong. The question was what?

One day, my meeting with Mary Hägg many years before popped up in my brain. We had met at work and I remember Mary had talked about how she researched the subject of swallowing difficulties, so I made contact with her again.

We had to nag our way to a swallowing x-ray

From my description of Klara’s condition, Mary suspected – with the reservation that she’d never met the patient – that Klara was suffering from mechanical swallowing difficulties.

After our conversation I obstinately nagged my way to a swallowing x-ray at the hospital, which indeed showed Klara had delayed swallowing reflexes. We ordered an IQoro immediately.

To start with Klara she was sceptical and only trained sporadically, but when in any case she began to notice small improvements she got behind the program and trained properly.

The swallowing is easier and the snoring is gone.

Nowadays, a little more than half year later, the pain in her digestive tract has reduced significantly and swallowing is easier.

In addition, Klara’s high volume snoring is gone, which is a relief for a young girl that often sleeps over with other years at various ski camps. Our daughter has now started at skiing high school in Lycksele in Sweden and is doing what she loves most.

The daughter has been significantly improved

She’s considerably happier and more at harmony with her world overall. But the fear of choking on something stuck in her throat will take some while before it fades.

Despite the fact that her health is decidedly improved after training with IQoro, they continue to question its effectiveness. That’s outrageous, I think!

Despite the fact that the healthcare system – after many attempts – now agrees that Klara has a delay in her swallowing reflex, she has not been offered any help for her difficulties.

So if I as a mother can help somebody else in the same situation I want to do it. There are many that are suffering. Thanks to my profession I know how important it is to address problems like this. If we hadn’t found this research-based treatment ourselves, Klara would not be where she is today.”

Mother, Pernilla Abrahamsson, Sweden.

Klara, 18 years old: ”My stomach is much better now”

Eighteen-year-old Klara Abrahamsson in Lycksele attends the Nature Program with cross-country skiing as an extra choice and her aim is to win a place on the national ski-team. For a long time she has been suffering from swallowing problems, stomach pain and acid reflux, but with  IQoro problems have subsided.

That I also stopped snoring is a bonus when we are at training camp.

– It has become a routine that I want to continue with because I feel so much better. That I also stopped snoring is a bonus when we are at training camp, she says and laughs.

Acid reflux already during adolescence

Even when Klara was little, she had trouble swallowing. Eating up everything on her plate took forever. During adolescence, she suffered from stomach ache and acid reflux. She continued to go to school, struggled and worked hard despite her problems. But at the age of fifteen the symptoms worsened and the family decided to seek help from health services.

A throat-ray confirmed that Clara had a slow swallowing process, a condition in which there was no cure for. Klara was instead provided with drugs to neutralise stomach acid.

The training relieved the problems

About half a year later, my mother came home with a “plastic device” – an IQoro – that would help me, remembers Klara and continues.

– I was skeptical. But Mom is like most Moms. She nagged so that I would start training with it. Eventually, I did as she said. Trained every morning, after school and in the evening. After just a few weeks, I had not so many stomach aches and less acid reflux. Then it was easy to continue.

It’s cool that it helps and that no drugs are involved.

–  Today it is not perfect, but a lot better! My IQoro is next to my toothbrush and now I train twice a day, instead of three as in the beginning.

–  If any of my friends told me that they have similar problems that I had, I would easily recommend IQoro. It’s cool that it helps and that no drugs are involved. Natural training with no side effects.

Klara Abrahamsson, 18 years, Sweden