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Ground-breaking results presented by a UK-based Speech and Language Therapist

Natalie Morris is the clinical lead and director of Integrated Therapy Solutions, an independent practice in England. Her main patient group is children and young persons with Cerebral Palsy.

Natalie has long been dissatisfied with the range of treatments available – and their effectiveness – for saliva control in her cohort. Today she presented on the subject of improving saliva control at a lecture to other speech and language professionals at a specialist lecture in the English midlands.

She discussed latest recommendations from both UK authorities and US specialist clinical groups, reviewed medicine-based treatments, and the effects of botox injection interventions in the saliva glands. She then presented the results of ten case studies of her patients who had trained with IQoro. IQoro is a neuromuscular training device widely used in treating dysphagia and other conditions, but with no scientific studies on children with CP.

Her results were astounding, “. . . all children showed improvement within 4 weeks . . .” she said, despite having had a range of various treatments before the study started. At the end of the 20 weeks she could show significant improvement in swallowing, posture, breathing control, oral ability, and more.

Immediate reactions from her audience were extremely positive. One has already posted on LinkedIn, “ . . . very interesting course today presented by Natalie Moris on the benefits of IQoro for saliva management. A valuable addition to the speech and language therapy toolkit!”

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