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Medical pioneer Pete Williams on IQoro: ”This is going to be a groundbreaker!”

Pete Williams, founder of Functional Medicine Associates, spoke at the 2022 IHCAN Conference in London about the benefits of IQoro. His patients have experienced dramatic results when treating common health problems like acid reflux, snoring and sleep apnoea.

– For people who I´ve been dealing with who have had reflux and have been on PPIs all these years, it’s creating some dramatic results.

– I haven’t been using it on loads of patients, but every single one of them is having dramatic effects from it.

As a long time medical practitioner and scientist, Pete Williams is a well-known proponent of functional medicine – an approach aimed at treating the root cause of diseases, not just the symptoms.

Founder of Functional Medicine Associates Pete Williams speaking to a group of Nutritionists.

Treating the cause – not just the symptoms

In problems like reflux, snoring and sleep apnoea, weakened muscles are a common underlying root cause. IQoro is a neuromuscular training device that will train these muscles to get them back in shape.

Treating the root cause of symptoms like heartburn, snoring, sleep apnea and swallowing difficulties can help you get rid of the actual cause of the symptoms – not just treating the symptoms themselves.

Weak muscles resulting in acid reflux

Williams pointed out that there is an ongoing shift in the way doctors and other medical practitioners view health problems like reflux.

– When we are looking at gastric reflux we are moving away from a point of view that your stomach is producing too much acid. There may be very few individuals that do.

– But what is happening is […] your sphincter muscles going back up to your throat – they’re just not opening as well, or closing as well.

An easy way to regain good health

– In many ways I look at this, it’s a bit like how when you don’t exercise, your muscles detrain. This is what is happening here.

Muscles getting weakened from lack of exercise has one simple solution: exercise. IQoro is the only available non-invasive treatment that effectively exercises your inner muscles. It is a surefire way of getting rid of reflux and snoring – and an easy ticket to better health.

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