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Reduce your snoring and sleep apnoea by 90 seconds of training per day

IQoro reduces your snoring through strengthening weakened musculature – a common cause for snoring and apnoea.

Results from pilot study: 10 out of 10 reduced their sleep apnoea

A pilot study has been carried out in Sweden where people with sleep apnoea syndrome prescribed CPAP treatment, have also exercised in parallel with IQoro for three months. Sleep registration before treatment, and after the three months, have shown clear improvement with the suspension of breathing reduced from severe-, to mild apnoea.

Read about the pilot study and sleep apnoea here

pilot study sleep apnoea iqoro

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  • Get over the initial expense and train every day. It has certainly helped me!

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  •     This is a very simple method which can be a game changer for your wellbeing

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  • Definitely worth it.

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  •     Please tell GP’s about it!

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More customers telling their stories

Ulla treated both reflux, snoring and dysphagia

After a somewhat tortuous journey filled with diverse sickness problems, Ulla is enjoying her regained quality of life. The neuromuscular training device IQoro lies behind much of this improvement.

Before I was not able to bend down after a meal without my food coming up again. Now I can potter around the garden after any meal, says Ulla.
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Ake, former snorer

“Wonderful that we didn’t need to go as far as separate bedrooms”

Åke Sonerud, Sweden had snored for many years before he at last cured the problem. After a lecture at his Rotary Club about the neuromuscular training device IQoro’s positive effects on several conditions, including snoring, Åke Sonerud went and bought one. Nothing that he regrets today!

I have got back my night time peace. Wonderful that we didn’t need to go as far as separate bedrooms.
Read Åke’s story

This is how to train with IQoro

IQoro is a neuromuscular training device that stimulates nerve pathways and 148 muscles in the swallowing and respiratory processes – most can’t be reached by voluntary exercise. Each training session takes 30 seconds.

Place the device inside your lips but in front of your teeth, not inside your oral cavity.

Pull forwards firmly for 10 seconds, rest for 3 seconds. Repeat this this two more times. Done!

Perform this training session 3 times every day – with 2 hours between sessions for the best possible results.