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The worst foods for acid reflux

When suffering from acid reflux, some foods and drinks are a no go. Here’s a list of worst foods for acid reflux that you might want to avoid. But there is actually a cure that can get you back to eating your old favorites again.

For most people an important part of daily life revolves around eating and drinking. For anyone with acid reflux it can really be a balancing act – knowing which foods could potentially ruin a highly anticipated dinner with family or friends.

Naturally, many hate to see their quality of life deteriorating. Enjoying their favorite food is but a distant dream. And don’t even mention a glass of wine on the weekend.

But there is a solution. And most importantly – a cure!

First: start treating your reflux with IQoro

Your first step is exercise with IQoro. The cause behind your acid reflux is weak internal muscles. As with any other muscle, these internal muscles need exercise. Although, you can’t activate them by pushing weights at the gym.

You need to use IQoro – a medical training device with a high success rate. Around 97 % of participants in studies get better from the treatment.

Train with IQoro 3 x 30 seconds per day. An easy way to go back to your favorite foods.

IQoro exercises your internal muscles

The internal muscles behind your reflux can only be exercised through your autonomic nervous system. This is exactly what IQoro does. And best of all – you don’t need to spend any grueling hours doing sit-ups – all it takes is 90 seconds a day.

When training with IQoro many start feeling better in a matter of weeks. For others the improvements might take more time. It depends on how weak your muscles are to start with.

Then: avoid these foods until you’re better

When you start training with IQoro you might still need to avoid certain foods until your reflux is better. That is, until your inner muscles are stronger. However, the long-term goal with your training should be that you can get back to eating and drinking like you did before you had reflux.

Avoid the worst foods for acid reflux

Some foods are particularly bad if you have acid reflux. But people get reflux symptoms from different foods. If you feel like you get affected by a certain type of food, try to avoid it entirely for some time.

Common types of foods and drinks to avoid:

  • Fatty foods: fried foods, fatty meat, cake, chocolate
  • Spicy foods: spices like chili, curry.
  • Acidic foods: tomatoes, lemon, onion, vinegar.
  • Carbonated drinks: are often acidic and make you burp.
  • Alcohol: can trigger reflux.
  • Coffee: is acidic and contains caffeine which can trigger reflux.
  • Peppermint and menthol: can make your stomach more acidic or slow down digestion.

Finally: make some life-style changes

A hectic life, nicotine and bad eating habits might also make your reflux worse. Try reducing your levels of stress, stop smoking and don’t overeat. Also, don’t eat or drink close to bedtime as this increases the chances of reflux while you sleep.

Gradually retry foods and drinks you avoided

When you have exercised for a while with IQoro your reflux symptoms should have decreased. When this happens you can gradually restart with some of the foods and drinks you have avoided.

In time your acid reflux will be gone and you can eat and drink whatever you want.

Why do I have reflux?

The inner muscles mentioned in the article are activated by your autonomic nervous system. Like your heart – it is activated without you thinking of it. The same goes for many of these inner muscles.

The muscles in the swallowing chain are 148 in total, from your mouth to your throat and down to the diaphragm, located right above your stomach. They are all used when you swallow food or drink. And the biggest of them – the diaphragm – is actually the one responsible for your reflux.

This is caused by a hiatal hernia. It means the top of your stomach has protruded through the diaphragm and into your chest cavity, letting stomach acid flow freely up your food pipe.

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