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Collection of customer reviews

Here you’ll find information about how we collect, moderate and publish customer reviews at

This is how we collect customer reviews

We collect the customer reviews that are published on the website by sending an automated e-mail to the e-mail address used in connection with the purchase of the product.

This means that every review come from a verified customer who has actually shopped from us.

We do not select certain customers. Every customer who has shopped from our online store is asked to submit a review.

As this is an automated process, the request is not sent out to people who have bought their IQoro in other ways, for example by calling our customer support.

Distribution of the request to submit a review, as well as collection and moderation, is handled via the platform Yotpo.

Since it is important to use the product for a while to see results, the request is sent approximately 6 months after purchase. However, it is not guaranteed that the person submitting a review started using their IQoro immediately.

Customer support moderates before publication

Reviews received are moderated by our customer support to ensure that they meet the requirements of decent language and are not offensive.

Our primary purpose in customer support is to help our customers achieve the best possible results. We assume that those who buy an IQoro do so with the hope of improving. Reviews are therefore important in capturing those we have not been able to help all the way.

For that reason, we can choose to contact dissatisfied customers before the review is published to get a picture of what has gone wrong.

We do not refrain from publishing reviews due to a poor rating.

All reviews come from verified customers

We never pay anyone to submit a customer review. Of course, we never encourage staff or other company stakeholders to write reviews to improve the average rating. All the reviews come from verified customers. Every review is written in the customer’s own words without any influence from us.

Quotes from customer reviews

On the website, we also publish selected quotes from customer reviews without publishing the review in its entirety.

It is important that the quotes are reproduced correctly and that the selected text is representative of the spirit of the review. An assessment should not appear to be cast in a better light by omitting negative parts.

The original review is also published in its entirety on the website so that visitors can be assured that the reproduction is not misleading.

If you have further questions about how we collect and handle reviews on, you are welcome to contact our customer support.