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How can exercising inside the mouth treat a hiatus hernia?

How can the diaphragm actually get stronger by holding IQoro with your lips for 30 seconds? In this article, we explain how IQoro stimulates the body’s own nervous system and thus treats your problems. 

A common question among our prospective customers is “how can exercising inside the mouth treat a hiatus hernia”? 

The answer to that question is that there are nerves in your mouth that extend all the way down to the diaphragm.

By taking advantage of this connection between mouth and diaphragm, IQoro strengthens muscles deep inside the body that you otherwise cannot control by will. 

To understand this, we first need to take a closer look at how muscles and nerves are connected in the swallowing process. 

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Nerves needed for you to swallow and eat

The mouth is far more important to the function of the body than many people realise. It is where the body’s swallowing process starts. 

There are four sensory nerves in the mouth whose task is to tell the body that we have started eating or drinking. 

The nerve signals are sent from the mouth, up to the brain, and then down to the diaphragm and other muscles in the swallowing process. These then begin to prepare to receive and transport the food down to the stomach. 

Without the swallowing process, the food you chew would have stayed in your mouth and couldn’t be transported down to your stomach.

IQoro is strength training for the swallowing process

When you pull IQoro straight out while holding on with your lips, the entire swallowing process is stimulated. 148 muscles from the mouth down to the diaphragm are activated and begin to work.

Thus, what makes IQoro work is that the treatment activates the nerves in the mouth that are usually stimulated when you eat, but much more intensely. 

To go back to the comparison with eating, you know that you will not get stronger arms from lifting the fork to your mouth, but if you go to the gym and repeatedly lift weights that provide a more intense resistance than the fork, then you will get stronger arms.

When we swallow, we use as many as 148 muscles from the lips, down through the throat and oesophagus and further down to the diaphragm and upper part of the stomach. All these can thus be made stronger by adhering to the recommended IQoro training time.