IQoro in the UK healthcare system

In its homeland, Sweden, IQoro® is purchased by more than half of the regional health authorities to be issued to patients with difficulties with swallowing or speech, facial paralysis, LPR, hiatal hernia, snoring, sleep apnoea and the other conditions that it treats. It is not available in the same way in the UK, only by direct purchase by individuals.

Terry Morris, Business Development Director of MYoroface AB wants to change that;

-It is a long and stringent process to become a supplier to their health authorities in most countries, and the UK is no different. The first stages are many visits and meetings with key opinion leaders in UK healthcare, and to achieve an approval from the appropriate regulatory and statutory bodies. Both of these activities are well underway.

There is no prospect of IQoro® being available through the NHS in the near future, but it is available for purchase from the company’s website and the take-up so far has been dramatic. As a CE-marked Class I Medical Device it can be sold in all EES countries.