IQoro on prescription

IQoro is available on prescription on the NHS from 1st May 2022. This means your GP can prescribe IQoro as a treatment, if they find it to be a suitable treatment for you.

How to get IQoro on prescription

IQoro is still a new device to many health professionals. Some might have heard of it briefly and some might not have heard of it at all yet. And some have been recommending IQoro to their patients for years already.

That’s why, during your next appointment, you might need to tell your heathcare contact that you have heard about this treatment and would like them to see if this could be an option for your symptoms.

If you are under the care of a Speech and Language Therapist, due to swallowing difficulties or other conditions, they may refer you to your doctor with a recommendation that an IQoro is prescribed.

Documents to bring to your next appointment

We have prepared two documents (pdf’s) that you can print and bring to your next appointment. The documents will help the clinician to understand what IQoro is and how it can treat your symptoms. We also have an informative website for clinicians if they need more information.

The two versions differ slightly depending on whether your symptoms are mostly centred on acid reflux symptoms, or mostly on swallowing difficulties.