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Is the corrosive damage on your teeth due to reflux?

Corrosive damage to the teeth due to acid reflux is more common than you might think. But how is reflux connected to poor oral health?

How does reflux damage our teeth?

Did you know that problems with poor oral health and corrosive damage to the teeth may well be due to acid reflux or heartburn.

This is because the stomach acid that comes up from the stomach during reflux is very corrosive and therefore causes damage to the teeth. It occurs because the enamel, which is the durable outermost layer of teeth, is not strong enough to withstand the corrosive stomach acid. 

Why do you get corrosive damage on your teeth?

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Tooth irritation and cavities

Recurrent problems with acid reflux or heartburn results in prolonged tooth wear. Over time, this causes tooth cavities and irritation because the enamel is no longer there as protection. Teeth also become more yellow, matt instead of gloss, and can begin to wear down and form a different shape. 

Acid reflux and heartburn can also contribute to bad breath and gum inflammation. 

Poor oral health generally results in poorer health overall. Gum inflammation means that one also becomes sicker overall. Bacteria from the gums can for example make their way down the airways and cause trachea infections. 

How can IQoro help against poor dental health?

You may have already read that IQoro treats a hiatus hernia , acid reflux and heartburn by strengthening the musculature of the diaphragm. When the diaphragm becomes stronger, the leakage of gastric acid up the oesophagus and oral cavity decreases, and stops completely over time. 

When the diaphragm strengthens, your teeth are no longer exposed to corrosive stomach acid, which improves overall oral health.

Unfortunately, damaged enamel cannot grow back once corrosive damage to the teeth has occurred. However, some protection is formed from the dentine that makes the teeth less sensitive once the corrosive stomach acid has ceased. Therefore, it is important to treat heartburn as soon as possible.

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