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Do you keep clearing your throat because of silent reflux?

Frequently clearing your throat can often be annoying, both to you as the affected person and to your loved ones. We at IQoro have even heard stories from people who say this kind of problem has been close to causing divorce.

But did you know that your troubles may be due to silent reflux, and that you can treat throat clearing by strengthening your inner muscles?

What is silent reflux?

Silent reflux means you have acid reflux without heartburn. Since most of us associate acid reflux with that stinging, burning sensation in the throat or chest, it can be hard to see the connection between your throat clearing and acid reflux problems, unless you suffer from heartburn or acid reflux at the same time. 

But what is acid reflux? Acid reflux means you have a reflux of gastric acid, from the stomach up into the oesophagus. The stomach acid is corrosive, which irritates the mucous membranes and gives an uncomfortable burning sensation. 

If you have silent reflux then you don’t experience the burning sensation. Instead, you may have other symptoms of acid reflux. These symptoms are related mainly to the throat. 

Do you have the most common cause of silent reflux?

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Common symptoms of silent reflux

Some common symptoms of silent reflux include clearing your throat a lot and having a lot of saliva and thick phlegm in your throat. It can feel like having the sensation of a lump in your throat, or an irritation in the larynx. 

In addition, if the stomach acid flows down the airways, it can irritate your vocal cords and affect your voice. The body then tries to protect your vocal cords by, among other things, producing more phlegm.

Which may be the reason why you clear your throat so much. Clearing your throat helps shake all that extra phlegm off the vocal cords to achieve a clearer voice. 

Mucus and saliva in the throat

Silent reflux is due to weakened muscles

Basically, problems with reflux are about weakened internal muscles. This is very common among people of all ages and is not because one has done anything wrong or is otherwise out of shape. 

What happens is that the diaphragm, whose job is to keep the stomach and its contents in place, can no longer resist when exposed to pressure. Stomach acid can then leak back up the oesophagus when, for example, you lie asleep, lift heavy objects or bend down to tie your shoes.

This is called a hiatus hernia and involves the top part of the stomach sliding up above the diaphragm. The stomach acid can then leak into the oesophagus and give different types of reflux symptoms.

Treat your throat clearing with IQoro

As previously mentioned, silent reflux is due to stomach acid leaking into the oesophagus and irritating your mucous membranes. This is not a good thing, because in the long-term the corrosive damage to the mucous membranes can cause much worse problems than just annoying throat clearing. 

Therefore, it is important to strengthen the weakened muscles to rectify both the symptoms and the underlying cause. 

Treatment with IQoro strengthens your internal muscles from the oral cavity and pharynx, right down to the diaphragm. 

You place the small exercise device between your lips and teeth and pull outwards for ten seconds while resisting with your lips. Repeat this three times with a pause of three seconds in-between. You should perform your exercise three times a day for optimal effect. 

This activates and strengthens muscles throughout the swallowing process and treats the root cause of your throat clearing.