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Guide: Best foods for acid reflux – and how to get rid of it

These reflux-friendly foods can ease your symptoms. Make them a part of your daily diet to get better. And while you’re at it – get rid of your reflux once and for all with this groundbreaking treatment.

Contrary to what many believe, you can get rid of your acid reflux. Reduce your reflux symptoms by eating food that doesn’t trigger stomach acid from flowing up towards the throat.

At the same time, start treating your symptoms to eliminate the root cause of your reflux.

You can read more about the reflux treatment below.

What is reflux?

Reflux is when stomach acid flows up from the stomach, along the food pipe towards the mouth. This is typically due to weakened inner muscles. It can give you symptoms like heartburn, cough and corroded teeth as a result of the corrosive acid.

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The type of foods that reduce acid reflux

Foods good for reflux mainly have four things in common.

  • Low in fat.
  • High in fibre.
  • Non-acidic.
  • Free of chemicals that relax inner muscles.

Reflux-friendly foods can vary

People can get reflux symptoms from slightly different foods. This means that some β€œsafe” foods might still create problems for you.

Still, the worst foods for reflux are very likely to spark your reflux.

List of reflux-friendly foods

Here are some foods and ingredients that most likely won’t trigger your reflux.

  • Lean meats – chicken and turkey.
  • Fish – both red-fleshed and white-fleshed fish.
  • Vegetables – carrots, cabbage, leafy greens (high in fiber).
  • Non-citrus fruits
  • Whole-grains (also high in fiber).

Are these stomach remedies good for reflux?

There are many remedies that claim to be beneficial for the digestive system. While some home remedies might actually relieve your reflux-symptoms, others can actually make things worse.

Here are a few common remedies and their effect on reflux.

But remember
Stomach remedies can decrease your reflux, but they can’t help you get rid of the illness. For that you need to exercise the weak muscles reponsible for your reflux.

Does milk help acid reflux?

Milk has the ability to coat the lining in your stomach, separating it from the stomach acid. This can have a relieving effect.

But remember that milk comes with different amounts of fat. The more fat the milk contains, the bigger the risk that it will trigger your reflux.

Choose low fat milk if you want to avoid the acid setback.

Is ginger good for acid reflux?

The common cold remedy ginger has anti-inflammatory properties. It can be used to treat morning sickness, indigestion and nausea.

Although ginger seems to have positive properties, there is no scientific evidence that ginger has any effect on reflux-symptoms.

But if you want to try – don’t have too much as it can make your reflux worse.

Apple cider vinegar for acid reflux?

While apple cider vinegar has long been used as a stomach remedy, it’s way too acidic to be used against acid reflux.

This can instead make your reflux symptoms worse.

Treat your acid reflux to get rid of it

Contrary to what many think, reflux is not a permanent condition. It’s treatable with IQoro, an effective and easy daily treatment which is completely drug-free.

The acid reflux-friendly diet above is just a temporary relief. Eat these foods while exercising with IQoro to ease your reflux symptoms long-term.

After a period of treatment, your reflux should have disappeared and you are once again able to enjoy whatever foods you want.

Treat your reflux with IQoro

IQoro-treatment after brushing teeth. It takes 30 seconds to complete.

The first step is to start treating your reflux with IQoro. Your reflux is the result of weak inner muscles between your stomach and mouth.

To this date, IQoro is the only effective way to exercise these muscles.

IQoro is a product with included treatment instructions and support via email, chat or telephone conversations with experts.

Find out more about the treatment with IQoro.

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