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Everything from the Reflux Day 2022

During the International Reflux Day 2022, we were on site at Stockholm Central Station. The day featured successful meetings, interesting lectures and a live stream in English that reached far beyond Sweden’s borders. 

A big thank you to everyone who participated in International Reflux Day on the 9th November!

You were with us on social media, you asked clever questions in our live stream, and some of you met us at Stockholm Central Station and shared your life stories, troublesome symptoms – and amazing stories of new hope thanks to IQoro

For us, meeting you and hearing your stories and experiences is invaluable. It gives us the chance to develop, learn and become even better at what we do. And we note that the meeting is just as important to you.

Together with a content-rich and useful websitepublished research and fantastic customer reviews, the personal meeting means that we can help even more people to a better quality of life. We are proud of that. 

International Reflux Day schedule, with Mary Hägg in the background.
International Reflux Day schedule, with Mary Hägg in the background.

Appreciated mini-lectures

In addition to all you inquisitive customers (and prospective customers), we would of course also like to take the opportunity to thank the guest speakers who gave mini-lectures during the day.

For example, many people were there to listen to and talk to singer and composer Anders Edenroth who spoke about how his voice was affected by reflux for many years – in the middle of his career as a world-touring artist. 

Others were interested in listening to the scientist Mary Hägg who answered the question “What is acid reflux?“. 

Nurse Michelle Grassman contributed with a critical perspective on healthcare and how many people find it difficult to actually get help for their problems. 

In addition, of course, no one wanted to miss Jörgen Westerlund from our customer support team who shared the most common questions and answers about reflux. 

Some of those who came and listened to the mini-lecture with Mary Hägg on reflux.

Successful live stream  

A popular event during the day was our live stream on Facebook. For 15 minutes, you all got the chance to ask your questions about reflux to Jörgen and Linda from Team IQoro. 

Thanks to the fact that we ran the live stream in English, participants from as many as 10 countries could participate! We had participants from the UK, Germany, the USA and Canada, among others.

It was great that there were so many of you who wanted to participate, and we hope to be able to carry out more live streaming in the future.

The event in the crowd at Stockholm Central.

Ask us your questions!

If you could not take part in the Reflux Day, or if you did not get an answer to your particular question, do not hesitate to contact us! Our customer support team is always ready to help you understand what your symptoms are due to.

Videos from the International Reflux Day

Singer Anders Edenroth was a guest on the International Reflux Day
Nurse Michelle Grassman is giving us the healthcare perspective on reflux

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