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How Anders from the world renowned ‘the Real Group’ achieved improved oral health

If you have read our customer story about Anders Edenroth from ‘The Real Group’, you will know that he suffered from various symptoms of hiatus hernia for many years. 

Anders’ main work tool – his voice – was negatively affected by the corrosive stomach acid that penetrated and irritated his vocal cords. Anders sought treatment for his problems and was prescribed acid-suppressing medications. This made a big difference to his ability to sing with a clear and stable voice. 

But Anders also noticed that his oral health improved. Once stomach acid stopped coming up into his mouth, he found that he was getting fewer cavities in his teeth and that his breath was fresher. 

In our interview with Anders, he explains: 

“For me, there have been other positive effects to the discovery that I had reflux. It gave me the opportunity to solve a problem that I had with my teeth. From the time I started taking anti acid medication, I stopped getting cavities in my teeth.” 

Reflux and oral health

Anders is far from alone in this experience. Many people who suffer with reflux and heartburn also suffer from poor oral health. The stomach acid that comes back up from the stomach is far too strong for our teeth and mucous membranes. 

The teeth start corroding and become yellow. Corroding enamel causes more cavities in the teeth, which eventually begin to wear down and take on a new shape. 

Many people also experience bad breath. This is because stomach acid and tiny particles of the food that we eat re-enter the throat and get stuck in various nooks and crannies. They then remain there and emit a bad smell.  

Thanks to antacid medications, Anders’ stomach acid became less corrosive, improving his oral health. 

Didn’t wanted to take medication for the rest of his life

However, Anders was not comfortable with having to take medication for reflux all his life. Therefore, he became curious when he heard about IQoro and how reflux can be treated naturally without medication. 

I have now been using IQoro for about a year and am completely symptom-free and no longer take any antacid medications.”

He bought an IQoro and began his treatment, while slowly starting to reduce his medications. During our interview, he tells us that he has now been using IQoro for about a year and is completely symptom-free. He also says that he no longer needs to take any antacid medications. 

IQoro achieves the same effect

During the past year Anders has been able to conclude that IQoro achieves the same effect as the antacid medications did previously. 

“My dental health got a lot better. I noticed that my breath was getting better. The only side effect I noticed was a positive one and that remains the case with IQoro.

By using IQoro, he does not have to take medication for the rest of his life, which he is very pleased about. 

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