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“Your voice is a work tool”

We’ve previously talked about how singer Anders Edenroth suffered voice problems due to reflux. Moving along the same path we have been given the opportunity to talk to Elaine Eksvärd, rhetorician, lecturer and writer, about the importance of the voice for conversation, and what it’s like to have the voice as a working tool. 

Getting one’s voice heard and getting one’s message across in a good way is important in many everyday situations. Many are afraid of being misunderstood in a conversation with a boss, or perhaps hurting someone you care about. 

In the well-known Swedish rhetoric podcast, Snacka snyggt, Elaine Eksvärd goes through various everyday situations and teaches us how to sharpen our communication. And when we realised how many questions we had on the theme of the voice, it really felt exciting to have the opportunity to talk to Elaine about this. 

The voice is important in daily work

We start by asking Elaine how she sees her own voice as a work tool. How important is the sustainability of the voice when using it in her daily work?   

“It’s really important! I should know, I’ve lost my voice on three occasions over 15 years as a lecturer. You can’t do anything; you can’t go to work.”

She tells us that she works a lot with abdominal support and avoids going up in falsetto to maintain her voice as well as possible. In addition, she has sung in gospel choirs and with a singing coach. It has even helped her with speech techniques.  

Good and bad voices

One of the big questions we want to ask, of course, is whether there are good and bad voices. Elaine would rather not talk about bad voices, but would prefer to see everyone as having developmental potential. 

Elaine believes that the most important thing about a good voice is that it harmonises with the message of the words. To believe in what you are saying as a speaker and speaking with emotion if sharing emotions, and using a factual voice if sharing facts has a greater effect on the listener than using the same voice in many different situations. 

It is also important that a speaker can judge the suitable sound level. Talking too loudly or too quietly can affect how seriously you’re taken. Going down in pitch at the end of sentences also helps to create authority. 

Inappropriate throat clearing may reduce credibility

One thing that Elaine believes can lower the credibility of a conversation is frequent throat clearing. She gives an example: 

“Let’s say your partner asks you: ‘You’re home late, where have you been?’ If you clear your throat before you answer, then one might wonder what you’re hiding?”

She herself also has a harder time with whiny voices or people who have a theatrical message, where the voice sort of transcends the message. Another phenomenon that Elaine finds difficult to listen to is people who talk on both in and out breaths. 

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