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That awkward question: “Did you know you snore?”

Paid collaboration with the Swedish podcast ”Snacka snyggt”.

How do you approach your partner, friend or colleague about them snoring? This can be a sensitive topic, which is why we have talked to the rhetorician Elaine Eksvärd from the well-known Swedish podcast Snacka snyggt about how to best tell someone that you care about that they sound like a freight train at night.

What is the cause of snoring?  

Snoring is usually due to the fact that the musculature at the back of the throat relaxes too much. It then becomes difficult for air to pass and this in turn creates vibrations in both the palate and the pharynx. It is these vibrations that create the snoring sounds. 

If a person snores regularly over many years, this can lead to vibrational damage in both muscles and nerves. In addition, both the snorer and partner may experience learning difficulties and not getting enough rest due to disturbed sleep, night after night. 

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Elaine Eksvärd from the podcast Snacka snyggt

Tips on how to approach the subject of snoring

The rhetorician Elaine Eksvärd is a person who really knows how to approach difficult subjects in a nice way. That’s why we asked her for advice when it comes to discussing snoring with a partner. 

Elaine says it’s important not to be accusatory when addressing such a sensitive subject. Trying to be thoughtful, making a constructive proposal and making the situation as neutral as possible is a good starting point. 

You snore a bit. Perhaps it would be a good idea to investigate it so it doesn’t get worse?” This could be a good way to start the conversation. 

A more delicate solution may be to draw parallels to oneself: 

“I’ve had similar problems, but then I tried this.” 

Being open about having a similar problem makes it less embarrassing for the person affected. 

In addition, if you know that the person has tried different solutions to stop snoring, without success, it may also be a good idea to confirm that you see that the person has tried to do something, but that you know that there are other options that may be worth trying. 

“Wonderful that we didn’t need to go as far as separate bedrooms”

Åke Sonerud, Sweden had snored for many years before he at last cured the problem. After a lecture at his Rotary Club about the neuromuscular training device IQoro’s positive effects on several conditions, including snoring, Åke Sonerud went and bought one. Nothing that he regrets today!

I have got back my night time peace. Wonderful that we didn’t need to go as far as separate bedrooms. Read Åke’s story

How can IQoro help with snoring?

If you or someone you know snores, IQoro maybe a good alternative to other snoring aids. 

The big difference between IQoro and many other snoring treatments is that IQoro strengthens the muscles of the palate, throat and pharynx, which means that over time you become naturally free of your problems, instead of just temporarily relieving the symptoms night after night. 

Another difference is that IQoro is used when you are awake. You simply use the small device three times a day. For a total of 90 seconds. Initially, you can combine IQoro with other snoring devices that you already use. 

But as time passes and your muscles get stronger, you can stop using your snoring clip or snoring spray. Just keep in mind that if you have had a snoring aid prescribed by a healthcare provider, you should always stop treatment in consultation with them.